Saturday, December 11, 2010

Query on second Floor extension


I own a house at palarivattom Junction which was constructed at 1976 as a single floor and developed 1st floor in 1990. Now i am planning for a second floor above first floor which should be weightless as well as look like a fully build home. My requirement is as follows

1)    Can you undertake the task of planning the second home
2)    If you plan to undertake the work ,by what time will you finish the work
3)    Cost of raising
4)    Only concern of mine is weight issue,what all steps will you undertake for completion without affecting a hole in my pocket
5)    As the building is around 35 years old should i need to elevate a new column structure?

My reply

An additional floor for the existing 35 year old structure can be done only if the original foundation of the building is designed for three storey construction.
Column beam structure will be required for three storey building.But column beam structure cannot be put on top of existing structure as you have written.Column beam structure has to start from the ground level itself.Without a site visit,I cannot comment much on existing structure.

Time of completion of a construction project does not fully depend upon the building contractor.Funds should be available in time.Proper man power for umpteen items of work involved in building has to be available in time and they should work continuously as most of the construction workers take up few projects at same time to ensure continuous work for them.Materials required for construction should be available as and when required.

When you want to build ,you should be willing to spend money for it.If you start worrying about making hole in your pocket,construction work will not progress well to completion.

Cost can be calculated only after obtaining necessary data and finalisation of design.It cannot be simply guessed without any data.

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