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Land Purchase guidance


Dear Sir

I am residing in Bahrain. I am from Kasaragod dist udma panchayat

There is a 10cents plot for sale belonging to fisherman.

The said land is lying behind the house of the owner. Front of owners house is road and next to road is beach.

This road has been approved for national highway between Kasargode and Kanhangad.Four lanes work has begun from Kanhangad I would like to know can i construct any building or house in that plot.

Awaiting your reply


My reply

While buying land anywhere, purchaser of land should be careful. You should not simply get guided by advice of non-professional real estate agents or simply your own or your friends judgment. Get professional help. Get the plot checked by someone who is well versed with Vasthu, Building rules and Engineering. We have explained in detail on what all you should take care while buying land in Link Architectural guidance in our website

Design and Construction of house


My plan is to build a 4 Bed Room Villa in line with Vasthu. It could be single floor or double floor based on the plot size and shape.

- I am looking for a turnkey solution provider who can complete it taking the full responsibility to design, procure, construct including interior decoration using branded best quality materials incorporating latest technology (security, access control, lighting, HVAC, Solar UPS etc.). 

- Initially the plan must be finalized mutually based on the plot location and dimensions based on which I need your best budget quote. 

- I suggest you to visit the site and discuss with me to get answers to rest of your queries to let me know your best quote.


My reply

House Design and Construction is not that simple for someone to come and visit your plot and give you a price for everything may be by just looking at the plot.Yes.There are non-professional contractors who do not bother much about Architectural design, structural engineering design, Vasthu or proper quality construction with qualified experienced building professional to guide every steps of construction. I cannot blame them. It is the owner of the house who is forcing them to act like this simply to get profit by hook or crook.

If you ask a good professional to visit your plot to study site conditions to ensure that you get most appropriate plan for your house, he may ask for Site visit fees. Again he may not give a plan of the house designed using his knowledge and experience which will save you lakhs of rupees and better facilities for the house without any charges. A non-professional contractor may give you a plan of the house free. But that plan most probably will be the one which will save his money during construction without bothering about giving you better facilities at lesser cost and better appearance for the house.

How can anyone predict exactly cost of construction of a house without even preparing basic plan of the house? House construction involves hundreds of materials, different type of labour and price and availability of these keep changing mostly upward during nearly one year or more required for house construction.

Each of the contractors does construction in a manner suited to him and hence you cannot compare cost given by two contractors. Nonprofessional contractors do not get services of professionals and hence quality and structural stability of their construction can never be anywhere near satisfactory.

As owner of house, you do not know much about house design or construction and you are eager in getting only free advices from friends, neighbours, relatives and any one you meet during period of construction. You are afraid to get professional design or professional guidance during construction as you think that it will only increase your cost of construction. Your contractor and friends may advise you not to spend money for Architects/Engineers

Do you agree that house construction is the most important investment in your life? Do you agree that contractor will never suffer loss to build your house? If so, get professional design, continuous professional guidance during construction to ensure that your hard earned money is properly spent to get you the best at lowest cost. For that you have to get professional design and guidance. Do not avoid it


Good morning,
I just go through your valuable information about to build a new home from the websites. Thanks very much for updating the latest information.
I would like to build a home with approximately 2500 Sq. feet area. My land is quiet big, 3 acre ,but road frontage is around 50 meter only.
And my suggested land is about 4 feet below the road level. Road is in the north side of my plot.
I just visit some newly constructed houses, and i had a plan from another family. in this plan, I think one kitchen space will utilize as a small bed room.
I like to make a home with such facilities. (3 bed rooms in the ground floor, and one or two in the top)
I am attaching the plan (not mine_but from others). which is east direction. It must be flipped. I already purchase red bricks, and few trucks of rubble also.
Your valuable advise is expected.
And I need to know that, if I provide the materials with your suggestion and advise,Plan, supervision and experienced workers from your side is possible?
How you are charging for it. What will be the best option for me. My father is in Kerala and about average supervision only possible by him.


My reply

Plan which you have got from some one have several Architectural/Structural Engineering/Vasthu defects.Free plan you got if adopted for construction will give you the worst possible design and you will be wasting your hard earned money if you adopt this plan

I can design a house suited to your plot,needs and budget.Question of taking up construction and charges for it need to be discussed only after you get most appropriate plan for your house.That is the most important part of designing and building a house


Vss has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
i have 3 cents of land in the land status is vayalinakathu purayidam.i am planning to make an 1000 sq.ft house on this plot .if any problem in this case kindly advise me.

My reply

You will have to contact concerned local administration office with land particulars like Survey No to check up the matter