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Better plan of house can reduce cost by lakhs not by thousands

When it comes to building design and construction, quite a lot of people think that house design and selecting from different options during house construction will have to be done by the person who spends money. It is as if the money gives him all important right to choose and decide.

“I am spending my money. Why should an Architect take decisions for me?At best he should draw and do matters as I tell him to do. He is simply there to obey my orders and wishes by giving fine tuning with technology and his imagination”

In some cases, person may have an engineering back ground which makes him bolder to assert his “rights” on the hapless Architect. A few of Architects/building professionals eager not to miss the business may say yes to satisfy ego of the client to avoid missing the business. A true professional should say no to the client who consider his money more important than professional capabilities of a qualified experienced professional

How many of those who claim to have engineering back ground can claim to possess expertise immediately after leaving an engineering college? At best an engineering college makes you familiar with vocabulary of engineering and some basic skills without you understanding how it can be used in an engineering project. It is that years of exposure in engineering field with guidance of experienced professionals with whom you work make you a real professional worth the name. More projects and more exposures fine tune your capabilities and make you understand your limitations more.

When you hire services of a building professional, you need to have a frank face to face discussion with the professional. You should explain in detail what all you are looking for in the house, your hopes, dreams and of course your limitations especially on finance. There are some aspects which you may think possible and desirable which are not possible or desirable. You should have the wisdom to accept learned suggestions and advises of a professional. Not accepting them will not create any problem for your consultant but to you only.

Quite a lot of mails I get talk of a quote for all drawings together for house construction. (Plan, Three dimensional Elevation, Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring, Interior). I do agree that from business point of an Architect it is better to get money for a bunch of drawings and later extra charges for revised drawings based on site feedbacks. If your intention is not to make Architect rich, do not ask for all these drawings at one stretch

All that you need on commencement of house construction is the best possible Basic Plan of the house from the most experienced building professional you can find. A good basic plan can make you avoid losing lakhs of your money and get you better facilities at house at lesser cost. A splashy looking Elevation is no good to you except to please your eyes if your building contractor cannot build as per the picture with his capabilities. Once the plan is finalised let your Architect interact with your building contractor before attempting to prepare an Elevation. All the rest of drawings will have to be prepared only at each stage of construction provided your contractor can read those drawings properly. Drawings which your contractor cannot read and understand properly is of no use and do not waste money on it. In such cases you get your Architect interact with your workers to make them work as he plan or visualise to do. Probably you can join in these discussions to incorporate your needs and wishes with guidance from your Architect

Most people do not understand importance of a well-designed plan of house. They prefer to save those thousands to be paid to an experienced Architect and pay nothing or very little to “save money” In fact they will be losing lakhs of their hard earned money and the inconveniences and problems a bad plan will create cannot be corrected by any experienced building professional .People normally understand defects and flaws in a plan of house only after building structure get completed. I have been called to several such sites to make corrections to such buildings. But no one can make corrections without demolishing structural parts which will be impossible in most cases at that stage. So please do not try to save money on plan of house thereby making you lose heavily on construction of your house


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