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Kerala House Construction:Free Consultation,3,Dec,14

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Building Design


Who need to consult either Architect Engineer. Or designer to construct my house


My reply

Preferably a professional organisation like us who have all expertise and experts in all fields related to house design and construction


Can I ask you; whether you have any affiliate/branch in Trivandrum?


My reply

Architectural/construction firm do not need branches everywhere as the Principal Architect guides and inspires all work. He can only sit at one office while he can travel to different locations


I am Biju and working Dubai. But don’t think that I am a multi milliner

My home place is in VENMONY. May I request you to assist me to build a low cost single story house 

My reply

Only those who have lesser money need services of a building professional more than others to save money and to get better facilities at lesser cost


Is it possible to build within 2000 Sq. Ft four bed room house?. I got a quote from another one designer but not yet finalized. Waiting for your reply. 


My reply

Designing four bed attached house in 2000 sft will make rooms congested and small

You may have to go near 2500 sft

Cost is not directly proportional to square feet area. At best it is only one of the factors contributing to cost

There is no point in comparing one designer with other as no two designers have same qualifications and experience in designing and building houses

My experience in building directly more than 200 houses in different parts of Kerala make lots of difference and I do not want to be compared to somebody else in rates or charges

Three dimensional photo like view is only for your curiosity to see how house may appear. If I draw an Elevation, somebody else cannot build as per that Elevation without my assistance and guidance.


I am intending to build a new home in Kerala. I am in need to get some valuable advices in order to proceed the drafting of the plan. I have already approached an architect to whom can prepare a plan of my dream home and I am planning to proceed the construction under labor contract 

So can you kindly advise me what kind of details that I must ask to an architect while he will hand over the draft of my home? Just to be more clear, is there something else which I need to ask him to provide me?


My reply

Collecting drawings together before construction will only make Architect richer as site inputs will make changes in all these drawings making Architect more richer

Just get most important Basic Plan before you start construction

It is better to get other drawings at each stage of construction provided your contractor has got enough Engineering knowledge to follow drawings properly

It is essential to have continuous involvement and guidance of a qualified experienced building professional from beginning to end of house construction

Building rules


Do I need to apply for NOC from panchayat for building two rooms upstairs in my existing house.


My reply

You will have to get NOC from concerned local authority before construction as building rules are applicable even in Panchayath areas

House Renovation/Remodeling


I would like to renovate my old house to new .Please send me some of the snap shot of houses before and after which your team has done and approximate cost for doing that project.


My reply

Re modelling and renovation of house is always a tricky affair. A lot depends on whether the original structure is built with professional design and construction with involvement and guidance of a qualified experienced building professional.

In almost all cases, original building might have got done by a non-professional contractor with absolutely no consideration for proper Engineering or quality of construction. Working on such a building for renovation or remodeling will be like opening of box of Pandora. It will bring up problems which you or your new building contractor never anticipated. Unless remodeling or extension is recommended by an expert building professional (not by a profit motivated nonprofessional contractor) you should not venture in to it.

Cost of remodeling/ extension cannot be correctly estimated by any one properly and you will end up spending more than what you hoped for. Still you will have all problems and defects of an old building


I have 40 cent land with an old house on the banks of river Pamba. I bought it.Now the old house is not in good condition. It is terraced in the front and tiled in the back areas. I received a quote to convert it in to a terraced with existing structure and over all maintain  and convert it to 4 bedroom 3 bathroom  for around 14 lakhs. What do you think? Will it be a good idea to renovate it with that money?
Or will I be able to make  a 4 bedroom  3 bathroom house ,around 1650 to 1800 sq feet (with medium quality flooring (tiles ) and painting  and electrical ) with around 25lakhs . I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Do you undertake jobs that part of Kerala. Look forward to hear from you soon.

My reply

Even though I cannot comment properly without visiting site and evaluating old building, most probably it will not be worthwhile to spend money on old building. No contractor will be able to correctly guess work involved for an old building and your contractor in his eagerness to get work and make profit might have given you a quote

It will definitely be better to spend whatever you can on designing and building a new house with professional involvement and guidance instead of letting you to be cheated by a nonprofessional contractor who do not bother about Architecture, Engineering or quality of construction

We take up work all over Kerala and even outside. I can commit on your work only after visiting site.

My reply

Purchase of ready made Villas/Flats


Myself, Biju, working in U.A.E. I chanced upon your blog and site, I read your comments dated three years back regarding purchasing readymade villa / flats in Kerala from reputed builders.

I am planning to buy a villa in Thrissur, from one of the reputed builder. Could you please advise what are the precautions to be taken before buying such property and also regarding construction quality etc.

My reply

No builder in Kerala is a professional agency. They are just traders trying to make profit. None of the so called reputed builders have even one professionally qualified building professional in their team. They just hire services as and when they feel like having. None of them do construction directly. Then where is the question of construction quality? Work gets subcontracted several times looking at only profit angle. Naturally quality of construction and engineering aspects suffer

If you have no other option, you can go for buying a villa from so called reputed builder whom you think reputed simply due to their high advertising budget. In almost all cases, you pay very higher than what you get in return. Legal problems also crop up as these builders get into many ways to raise funds for construction

Building materials


Sir my uncle is going to Bangalore for purchasing Granite; i would request you to guide us while buying granites. Do you have any particular recommendation of granite (Name of the granite) we need our room to look bigger, a premium look. Kindly tell us with good granites to buy and also the precautions while buying, i hope you will help us by giving valuable information.


My reply

I will not recommend using granite or marble for flooring. It has more disadvantages than advantages.

There are much more cheaper but elegant looking tiles these days

Basically you need complete guidance on finishing of house and not just information and guidance on flooring


I am following your blog from long time and I thank you for sharing good ideas and tips on house construction have a small concern on the process of building my home. I recently gave a contract work to construct First floor for my present house which is made with good foundation and no pillars. The contractor started the work by using 6 inch Solid Cement bricks to construct the structure....by using this type of bricks will there is a possibility of overweight on the structure. Is there any chances of risk of crack or damage in the future..

Would like to know your suggestion


My reply

Leaving structural aspects of building to be decided by a nonprofessional contractor for whom only profit matters can only put you at risk .It is better to get involvement of an experienced building professional from beginning to end of construction to guide you and to check on work done by your contractor. If I have to do this for you, a visit to the site is required to advise you on the problem faced by you/advice /suggestion required by you related to your building/plot

During the visit, I can study your problem in detail, take measurements from site and check on following aspects related to building/plot

1. Vasthu compliance

2. Architectural defects if any and improvements/modifications possible

3. Structural Engineering defects if any and improvements/modifications possible

4. Advice on future works related to building /plot

5. Building rules compliance

6. Verification of documents related to building and plot

7. What our company can do to improve your construction work by quality, cost reduction and value addition of space


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