Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Modification of existing home


I am from near to Tripunithura, Ernakulum. I want to reconstruct my present home which is 40 Yrs. old [ Present Roof is  Tiles ] .
I request your kind advise in this regard, which is at low cost.

My reply

Existing house to be modified will have to be studied in detail by me before I can comment on what can be done to modify the existing building.

Every professional with qualifications and experience in the field will try to reduce your construction cost by design and by technical guidance during construction.A professional Architect is supposed to give you better design with better facilities and at lower cost.

If you tell him clearly about your true budget limitations,he will advise you how to go about the work to limit your cost.On many occasions I have found that client  do not tell about actual financial conditions or fund available and fund that can be obtained from external sources.

Most clients think that if they tell Architect about lesser fund availability,he will have some magic wand to reduce cost.With lesser fund availability if true,you should be willing to restrict facilities you seek in the house  and also willing to accept suggestions of the Architect to reduce cost

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