Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Elevation for Harippad House under construction

Look at three dimensional Elevation for Harippad house under construction directly by our Construction division for Gulf based NRI family

roy john-027-06-12

House designed by our Architecture Division with four bed rooms,traditional Poomukham,Verandah with Charupady,car porch and other usual facilities

Thursday, June 21, 2012

#Kerala House Construction-Replies to your queries



Dear Thomas,

I have read quite few of your comments listed in your blog. I think it is better to share some of my thoughts with you.

Myself is going to be soon a returned NRI (without much success). Only advantage is that I have six house plots bought from my hard earned savings. Sizes of plots are:10 cents, 33 cents, 15 cents, 15 cents, 12 cents, 20 cents etc. all of these plots are more or less square, facing PWD road or tarred Panchayath road.

Only problem is that all these plots are in a village. Exact location is Nalukettu,5.5 km from Koratty info park, Thrissur DT.

My idea is to build "quality economical" houses for sale in these plots.Expected demand for these houses are from normal villagers I am looking for some one who could implement “budget house” projects on turn key projects.

Do you know someone who could implement it?

Nixon Paul

My reply

Just like going for any other business venture, construction of villas for sale also require quite a lot of preparatory study and business analysis

First of all you need a professional with wealth of experience in addition to qualifications to properly guide you for the project as the technology involved cannot be left for the whims and fancies of a contractor who quotes lowest price.It appears that you are more concerned about cost than anything else.House construction is one area which involves hundreds of materials and different type of labour which are turning to be difficult to get and cost going up everyday.A contractor who might have committed a fixed cost to you for construction will try to save both labour and material to  safeguard his profit as he is in the business for profit alone.

There is always buyers for professionally designed,and managed house constructed even if the cost is higher.Naturally your first priority will have to create such an impression to potential buyers on quality of construction and design.

As you are quite new in the business after obtaining quality professional assistance for both design and execution of the construction,it will better to build a sample villa first.Once you sell this first villa,it will be easier for you to move on

Nalukettu even though a village is quite close to Cochin airport and many other important commercial centers and hence you will definitely get customers other than village people.You will also need professional business guidance again from qualified,experienced marketing professionals.

Our company can give you all the professional expertise you will need for the project.Please log on to our websites for more details:


Hello Mr. Thomas,

I wanted to know what is the best available wood other than teak..?? is marine ply wood good? what about the new resin synthetically made wood?? I got to make my family insists on teak wood..but some how i feel we do have better n cheaper options in this 21st century..please do reply!!

My reply

Trouble  with house design and construction including interior work for the house is that people tend to think that they know almost everything and all what they require from a professional is only few bits of information and clarifications.I get such mails quite often and lot of people call me on phone asking for bits of information on certain aspects of construction.

House construction and design is actually a complicated process which definitely require continuous guidance from a professional.Instead of simply finding out which wood or wood substitute you can use for your modular kitchen,get a professional design for your modular kitchen from a professional and get guidance from him on all aspects of material and utility aspects for the modular kitchen .

Our company can guide you on this.But we will require more information like site study,study of house drawings,study of your needs for the modular kitchen and your budget constraints if any.

Marine plywood is normally used for portions other than directly visible portions of modular kitchen to reduce cost.It will last longer.

Do not seek such bits of information and act on your own assuming that you know everything about the topic.Even after building more than 200 houses directly and designing many more houses,I am still learning on house design and construction



i am planning to build a house in Kerala .i have a plan and drawing for a 2 story 2450 feet house.Can i use
feraslab to build shades for my house?.can any one give me an opinion.
is it possible and safe to so?

Sajan Abraham

My reply

Answer for this query is partly given in my previous reply.Why do people think that all that they need to know on house construction is few bits of information on something they might have heard?

Seek professional involvement and guidance on all aspect of House construction.Your Architect is not some one who will increase cost of construction.He will give you best value for your money,better facilities for your house and will save you lakhs of rupees in spite of his fees or charges.

First get a professional to design your house.He will guide you on most appropriate latest technology you can go for



sir iam pradeep
1, i know that if the residential building built with in 5 cent ,and which have included in EMS bhavana scheam for SC,ST members, only 60 cm setback(open space) from near plot and if have ventilater at height of 220 cm- is it true pls reply

My reply

Please check up with concerned person in your Panchayath/local authority as they will be able to give you clear cut opinion considering local restrictions if any