Saturday, December 11, 2010

Query-Looking for land and villa at Cochin

I am a distant cousin of Jairaj Iyer living in the UK.  I came to know about Jairaj's purchase of land and the house construction at Koratty.  He had sent me the link to his blog and the house looking amazing, its really our dream house in India.  
Jairaj told me that you helped him finding land. I am interested in looking for options available on the availability of land closer to Jairaj's land.  Could you please let me know on the availability of land and prevailing prices in the area?  This is for my settlement and not for just investment.  But the problem is I only visit India once a year and not planning to visit until later in the year.  Am not sure how we could progress with my interest.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

My reply

Compared to other areas close to airport of Cochin  and Cochin city,area where Mr.Jairaj is building the house is relatively less costly and the nature and surroundings are calm and peaceful, typical Kerala village life.

For buying land you or some one close to you has to look at possible options and decide.If you are not coming to India in the near future,you have to entrust some one for that.If that decision making can be done and then funds can be arranged we can do rest of the job like technical/legal evaluation of land and and legal title of land,land purchase documentation,obtaining permits,designing and building house.Living in UK you can watch your house construction progressing with blog which you will create and maintain with  regular inputs on progress of construction,

This is the best safe option for an NRI as we handle your property purchase and development with all care,assistance and guidance  that can be expected from a  dedicated professional which a NRI can possibly dream now and mostly dismissed as only a dream.It is no more a dream.It is really possible!

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