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1.Building rules


I have built a new house near my old house and the distance between them is 2 meter in front and from middle to rear end it is only 1.2 meter.Is it allowed.if not please advice me a rectification

My reply

I can comment on it only after a site visit.

You are supposed to carry out construction activities as per Building rules in consultation with a professional in the field.If construction is done violating existing rules,you may have to dismantle those portions violating building rules


I have given token for purchasing a land from an Individual in a Panchayath area of Thrissur. This land was bought by the current owner in 2008 and he has done 'Pokku Varavvu' in panchayath and also he is paying regular Land tax.

This property was bought in a gated communitty where in the previous owner has not taken Land Development approval from Panchayath to split up his 1.7 acre land. Hence currently the Panchayath is not ready to give Building permit. And also no house has been constructed in the said Gated community.  

As the land has been sold to different persons, now there is no option to extend the road width from current 4mt to 5mt ( as panchayath per panchayath rule).

Kindly let me know, what could be done in such a scenario to get Building permit


My reply

As per rules person who sub divide and sell plots of land should get division of land approved by Regional Town planning authority whether plot is in panchayath or other areas.RTP may insist on specified width for inner roads,drainage facilities etc.So you should buy land only after verifying that your seller has got RTP approval in writing



.I am planning to construct a home (nalukettu) in Aluva, the plot size I am having is 18.6 X 18.8 m,Can you please advise me whether this is enough for a nalukettu with 3 bedrooms, living, dining, study and kitchen.



My reply

a Nalukettu type of house should have the following features in addition to what you may require for the house to call it Nalukettu type of house

1.Poomukham which is an extended sit out projecting towards front portion of house connected to verandah

2.Chuttu verandah which is an open covered space with usual width of 5 feet.It was around the house in the earlier days.Now restricted to front portions of the house

3.Nadumuttom or inner court yard open to sky

Basically without studying site conditions,your requirement details it is not practically possible to state exact dimension needs for the house

A Nadumuttom which is an open space in middle is not preferred these days due to security reasons and weather conditions in Kerala which is rains for nearly six months.There will be problems of pests like mosquitoes in an open to sky arrangement

If you are particular about having a Nadumuttom ,it can be done even with these dimensions.But basically these things can be confirmed only after preparing a Basic plan and site study


My name is Kabeer and i am working in Qatar. I have decided to construct a house of plinth area 1500 Sq. feet (single floor). I am thinking to do the Column - Beam structure and Asbestos sheet partitions for the inside wall. In this regards i need your advice in the following things

  1. Which cost is more for the inside partitions with finishing Asbestos or Block work?
  2. Is there any health problems while using the Asbestos sheet.

Waiting for your favorable reply. 

My reply

If you want a good house to be built with your money,first of all you should avoid trying to be Architect and Structural Engineer for your house.Leave that role to experts even though money is yours.A house construction require getting the services of a qualified experienced professional from beginning to end of construction.He will advise you on all aspects.You should not try to get bits of information from any one you come across.

House Construction


I am confused to decide to select what type of flooring best for our new home . I came to know that many people experiencing leg pain due to tile flooring. But our builder telling that it is because of vitrified tiles and if we use ceramic tiles, leg pain will not occur. Our budget for flooring is around Rs. 50 per sft. Sir, Kindly guide me in this

My reply

Vitrified tiles ,ceramic tiles,granite and marble are not healthy materials for flooring.Clay tiles and wooden flooring is good on health point of view.While doing finishing work of house,you need continuous guidance from a building consultant and definitely not from your contractor.

You need advice and guidance of a qualified and experienced person to know various options available to you, latest trends and ways and means to decrease cost while improving utility and appearance of the building.

Look at some of the pending works

1. Putty finish for walls and painting

2. Flooring and toilet wall/floor tile laying with latest trend designs/patterns

3. Plumbing and sanitary works

4. Electrical wiring and fittings

5. Interior woodwork like modular Kitchen, cupboards and Interior lay out design

6. Furniture work with woodcarving

8. Land scape design, arrangements and much more

We can undertake these after structure work by providing professional guidance and expert workers

To assess work already done in the house and to suggest/advise on pending works to be done I can visit your site and give proper guidance


I am planning to construct a my dream home in a plot where  nearby houses exhibits wetness from under (walls are found peeling and wet from down). there is a  canal stream within 500mts. people say there is "adee-ozhukuku". kindly please advice us on the most suitable foundation for a 2storeyed house. lack of experts in our locality has added to our agony. seeking your professional advice at the earliest.

My reply

I cannot make suggestions on design without site visit and study of your needs for building.Basically the question of type of foundation has to be left to qualified and experienced building professional.Even though you are spending money,trying to act as Architect or Structural Engineer with bits of information obtained from any one you meet and deciding on design of building on your own is not good for you and your building


I am residing in Cherthala, the ground soil is firm and is with silica sand

I am thinking of a foundation with rubble packed with this sand under pressured water , bottom portion like to make PCC for 10 cm and the total cavity as 60 cm, Is it okay for the foundation for 1600+600 (FF) sqft house.

Also I have a doubt on the heat generation aspects of solid cement block, clay brick and laterite block, which is better

Looking for your valuable reply

My reply

This is the most important problem in house construction and design in Kerala.Person who spend money for house construction think that house design and construction should be done as he feels.He is not willing to accept the fact that he is not an expert in Engineering or Architecture

Why do you want to avoid a building professional that too the best expert you can find when you are going to make major investment in your life spending almost major part of your earnings in a life time?

Involvement of an expert with experience and knowledge  will get you the following if not more

1.Right design for the house which can get you better facilities at lesser cost

2.Better utilisation of your limited space and money

3.Advantages of latest technology which you may not even be aware of

4.Continuous professional guidance from beginning to end of construction

We are one of those professional agencies based at Cochin which can give you the best expertise to save your money and get you a better house by design and construction.Mail to me to

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