Thursday, April 1, 2010

Importance of Plan of the house

Naturally any person thinking of building a house will have an outline about the plan of the house.Some people send to me coloured rectangles in Excel sheet marking each rectangle as some type of room like Living room,bed room etc.It is quite fine up to this.But the trouble starts when the client insists that whatever he drawn as per his understanding ,imagination and capability is the best that can be done and  the Architect is just a person  capable of drawing whatever he indicated with drawing techniques he might have studied or practiced.
What I call as Basic Plan of the house which gives position of each room,dimensions in correct scale marked using Auto Cad design methods is the most important document of the house and the starting point of every activity of  construction of the house.
I need to go and see the plot where the house will come up,study site conditions,directions,nearby roads,canals,rivers and I have to visualise in my mind  the house to be built with the facilities called for by the client.This visualisation process  by which I draw the plan of the house in my mind drawing,erasing,adding,correcting may take  many  days and some times more.I do not start sitting in front of the computer and start drawing in Auto Cad plan of the house just because client who think that drawing a Plan is only a child’s play start demanding plan within days of site visit.
In fact it will be beneficial for the client if the Architect take more time to develop the plan considering all possibilities and allowing more time for his creative mind to design something different,new and better.But in many cases client does not allow this time and finally due to pressure from the client I and many other Architects simply try to modify some of the earlier works suiting requirements of the client and send Plan to the client.In fact loser in this is the client who demands immediate drawing of a Plan for him simply forgetting the fact that more time given to Architect will get him better work.Client quite often also forget the fact that Architect may have his routine works ,other pending works and other commitments.
Similar is the case with Elevation of the house.Unlike Plan,same Plan  can have different elevation possibilities.When Client demands Elevation of the house within a specified limited time frame,a junior in the office of the Architect start drawing using usual techniques guided by the main Architect with some suggestions again of usual Elevation techniques.But if you give time to the Architect to develop most appropriate Elevation to be developed during the period of construction of the building you will get much much better work.For this you should have patience and trust in the capabilities of the Architect and should not have ego generated demands like” I want to see how the house will look now itself”
All my good works were done in cases where I had freedom of developing Plan and Elevation of the house either due to ignorance of the client or patient understanding of the client.
I have repeated  several times some designs of the house much against my wishes simply due to the insistence of the client that he want picture of house to be built immediately and Plan of the house within days of site visit.

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