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Free Consultation,Kerala House Construction,17/3/15

Queries for free consultation on Kerala House construction, Kerala Architecture may be sent to


and not by posting in blogs as your reply will be delayed quite long

Extension to existing house


I am building an extension to the existing building; extension is for 267 sq m. Our soil is mostly sand (not sticky hard soil).
I have a question regarding the new forms of building foundation. Are the concrete foundations strong enough? Will the building sink if the concrete foundation is used? How can we avoid sinking?
I know the cost of the construction depends on the place and type of construction. But will you be able to give me an approx. cost of constructing this extension. I have attached the house plan here.
After waiting for a long time, we are completing the house. My parents and grandmother and our family will live there.  This is a very small matter for you, I know. I will be grateful if you get time to reply to this.

My reply

It is not a small matter for me as every client is equally important for a professional

But you are treating the matter very lightly

When you are building an extension do not attempt to start construction without getting technical advice of an experienced professional

Foundation for a building is decided by a structural consultant considering plan of building, soil conditions and foundation required with all relevant details can be decided only by him after carefully considering every related aspects

Do not simply go by free advices you may get from every one you meet in your daily life

Cost cannot be estimated on guess basis simply by knowing possible square feet plinth area. For an extension work, normal calculations and guess estimates do not work as the building originally constructed may not be structurally stable or built under professional guidance

House design and Construction


I am based on Mumbai and I have a plot of land of 3.5 cents in Kannur, Kerala.  Is it possible to construct a house with 3 to 4 BHK collectively ground + 1.  Please advice.  Can u suggest a ground plan for this?  The land is in square type. 


My reply

3.5 cents land can have four bed room house attached. Our office at Cochin is such a house converted as office

But I need to get all four sides exact measurement, position of roads nearby, direction to which house will face to start working on plan of house. Without any data on plot, no one can simply fit an existing plan of house to your plot. This query shows how ignorant people are about house design and construction. Still instead of going to experienced professionals people go to nonprofessional ”square feet cost” contractors who will give false promises lies and no trace of Architecture and Engineering. For them it is just another business to make money by fooling ignorant gullible persons

Boundary wall for plot


I constructed a house near PWD road after obtaining permit from Panchayath .the basement made after leaving 3meter from road .now I have to make boundary wall in road side sir please tell what is minimum distance I have to leave from road to construct boundary wall.


My reply

If your plot faces a public road, you have to apply for permission to concerned local authority to construct boundary wall facing road. While issuing permission local authority will specify clearance you have to leave from road

Kerala Style Construction-study


Anjali Singh as left a new comment on your post "Teak wood-use in Kerala house construction":
I am B.Arch final year student, and i want to know that what local materials i can use in a typical Kerala style house and which material use in which house area?
Thanking you and i'll wait for your reply.

My reply

If you are doing a Project work for study purpose on Kerala Architecture, first of all you have to visit Kerala and study at least a few old typical Kerala Architecture houses and study in detail about every aspect of Kerala house design and construction by meeting at least one experienced building professional in Kerala. Writing such a blog post and asking me to teach you on such a large topic by mail is simply irresponsible behavior from the part of a student
Checking Plan prepared


Please check plan prepared for a 4500 sft house to be built in filled up land


My reply

Following are my comments on your plan

1. Vasthu aspects

For an east facing house, car porch should come at Northern half and not at Southern half which is Agni Konam ideal for Kitchen

Kitchen at North West(Second choice) and Bed rooms at South west are okay

A water body at center of house is inauspicious and can cause harm. It can only be at North east 

2. Architecture

Lots of space is wasted without proper planning or arrangement of living space. Quite a lot of living spaces are in total darkness due to lack of sufficient ventilation and lighting

Living room and Dining space are too small when considering space wasted elsewhere

Stair climbing in one stretch is not good

Toilets are too long but width insufficient. There are no proper dress areas. A toilet of length 440 cm (nearly 15 feet long) is meaningless

Store is not required in modern houses which has modular Kitchen

In my opinion, you should not proceed with this plan as it will simply waste your money and will give you a house with many defects

If you are constructing in a filled up land with filling depth of 3M, you may have to go for at least sand piling. This can be decided only after a soil test is done where the proposed house come up and after analyzing soil test results by a practicing Structural consultant

If you are willing to revise the plan, I can design it better for you

House Construction


I am planning to build a home in my property. I need your advice regarding best low cost
designers for drawing my house plan. I am planning to build a house in
1000sq feet, with 2bed room in ground floor and 2 in first floor.my
budget is about 15-18 lakhs. I need your advice on this as fast as

My reply

You cannot build a two story house with four bed rooms with 1000 sft plinth area and with Rs.18 lakhs

May be you can build a two bed single floor house if you can cut down cost with professional guidance

Buying existing house and planning to extend


I am planning to buy a house. In fact I short listed one. It is a small house, 5 years old with 750 sft total area. But it sits on an 8 cent plot. It has two small bed room, one hall, one common bathroom and a kitchen. I would like renovate the house.

I don't have a sketch of plan now.

I will grateful if you can send me an advice on the scope and also a rough estimate of the cost. I am in a dilemma whether to buy the house or not.


My reply

Buying an existing house should never be done by trusting your judgement or that of your friends or relatives. Every aspect related to building right from Vasthu, Architectural design, Structural stability, quality of construction, legal documentation will have to be checked by an experienced building professional before you decide to buy existing house. Otherwise you will be buying trouble with your money

Building rules


I have 4 cent plot in Trivandrum corporation area. I make drawing and got approved from corporation. But now the problem is lost my drawing i have the copy. What is the procedure for getting duplicate copy? Francis.

My reply

If you have a copy of approved plan and building permit, that is enough

Once the building is completed, you will have to give a completion plan to local authority duly sealed and signed by a licensed Architect/Engineer. In that you will have to simply mention building permit No .After assessment of building, local authority will issue Ownership certificate for building and that will be sufficient for all legal requirements


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