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Free Consultation:Kerala house Construction,13/3/2015

Queries for free consultation on Kerala House construction, Kerala Architecture may be sent to

and not by posting in blogs as your reply will be delayed quite long

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has left a new comment on your post "Kerala House Construction-Free Consultation:25,Sep...":
You have any services in Kannur district, please let me know. I want to construct my own house in my property. 

My reply

We can take up Architecture/Structural Engineering design services for anywhere in the world and not necessarily in Kerala itself as these Engineering services need only technical knowledge, creative talent and lots of common sense which we possess in plenty


ali has left a new comment on your post "Building Permit":
I am a Licensed engineer but i am not much experienced in preparing a complete drawing. My doubt is that i would like to know the procedure and details to be submitted for getting a building permit for an extension work of a school, also i want to know the clearance to be provided for the building. 

My reply

There is no place where they teach you to be a licensed Engineer to submit documents/drawings for statutory authority approval. You have to learn by associating with someone working in the field in your area of operation

You have to get books on Building rules and updates on it and study to guide your clients properly

House Construction cost


Shijin baby has left a new comment on your post "Kerala Architecture":
I want to build a 750 sft home in Kerala. Have 5 cent land, and my budget is 10.5 lakh. Can u send some plans for me?
My reply

Plinth area of the house to be constructed can be known only after an Architect transforms your needs in to a building plan. House construction is not like buying few kilos of rice from market. You go to a shop and ask for certain Kg of rice. Some people think house construction is like that. You decide sft plinth area of house to be built without assistance from a professional. You make enquiries about construction cost with any one you meet daily during course of your life activities. They give you free advises as they are not going to lose anything even if you land in trouble

Again you think any plan of house will suit your purpose and ask me to send plan. Plan of the house will have to be specifically designed to meet your needs, plot dimensions and your budget

After visiting your site, studying your needs for house, I can tell you whether Rs.10.5 lakhs will be sufficient to get a house which you are looking for


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "#Kerala House Construction:Free Consultation,25,No...":
I need to know is Ferocement technology good in home construction. My budget is around 15 lakhs and my requirement is 2bhk in 1000 sft. Please suggest if I can go ahead with Ferro cementing or please give a positive idea. 

My reply

It is continuation of what I replied earlier. Some body talked to him about Ferro cement. Without knowing much about it, he decided that his house should be made of ferocement

Ferocement is just another form of concreting where they use steel mesh instead of steel rods for reimbursement and instead of using usual concrete; mortar specially mixed is plastered on both sides of mesh. Wall of a house if made with this almost one inch thick material cannot withstand load of a roof

Keralites try to be Architect and Engineer for the house and do not want to pay for design and supervision to building professionals as they consider such cost as avoidable cost in construction. By trying to get bits of information on construction from those who really do not know anything about these, they are in fact wasting their own money without realizing it. There is no substitute for getting assistance from qualified experienced building professional. He can save you lakhs in cost and can get you better house at lesser cost. You need more than a plan and elevation from an expert. You need advices at every stage of construction


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Nalukettu house-features":
Very informative. Thanks for this article. Much of it makes sense. I wanted a traditional house design, and the first thing to come to mind was the Nalukettu. After reading your article now I think I’ll come up with a customized version of this design which will be more relevant to our times. 

My reply

I have tried to visit many old Kerala architecture style houses in different parts of state. Nalukettu which come with an open court yard in the middle is a house style suited to those days and not for present day living

An open court yard in the middle can bring inside rain, pests and insecurity. Kerala houses of earlier days were made to suit joint families who stayed together mostly relying on agricultural produce for income. Now it does not suit to our needs of increased security due to nuclear family.

In quite a lot of present day big houses in Kerala, elderly parents live with only pictures of their children and grandchildren to look at.

If we look at old Nalukettu houses few features are worth incorporating in present days houses of affluent people. They are

1. Poomukham with a side access to car porch

2. Chuttu verandah which is an extension of Poomukham which come in front of house

3. A family living space in addition to formal living which is mainly used for interaction with guests

You can have a look at pictures of Cherthala house designed and built directly by me which incorporates this traditional goodness of Kerala houses combined with modern technology. Here is the Facebook link to pictures of Cherthala house in my FB profile: Thomas Viruvelil


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