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Free Consultation,21/7/2012

I get quite a few requests for clarifications,enquiries and other queries by way of comments typed in blogs mostly without indicating any information on the sender of message.So they reach me as comments in blogs from “Anonymous”.

I will not be able to directly reply to them.I also do not publish those comments in my blogs.If you really need a quick reply from me please ensure to send an email to me at following id.You will definitely get a faster response from me directly to your inbox.My email id is

Construction of commercial building in 2.5 cents land at Cochin


Anonymous   has left a new comment on your post "Free Consultation":

Hello sir
I am planning to purchase a small plot 2.5 cents at Cochin having a dimension 6.5x15 m. I want to construct a three story residential building using RCC frames leaving a car park space for 3 cars on the ground floor. What will be the cost of such a structure only. ie without any walls, flooring and other interior work. And also if you are undertaking such work, please let me know.


My reply

One of the dimensions of the plot,6.5M is too narrow.It is not clear whether the plot is facing which type of road.You will have to first check up with concerned local authority office how much clearance you will have to leave from the road and other sides.

You have to get services of a qualified experienced Architect to design the building meeting your requirements as well as statutory restrictions.Only after preparing  and finalising a plan,cost expected for building can be estimated.Also soil nature of the plot will have to be checked by conducting soil test to check whether concrete piling will be required for foundation,if the Architect call for such a soil test.

Since you are yet to buy the plot,before buying the plot please ensure to check with local authority office concerned whether you will be allowed to construct a building in the plot and if so clearances required.



Anonymous   has left a new comment on your post "#Kerala House construction-Replies to your queries...":

Dear Mr. Thomas Viruvelil,
This is a small suggestion  which may benefit you ,

In every reply you emphasize on ’ for professional design ‘ ,does this professional design comes from only people with civil engineering back ground ?

Our country has been building houses for thousands of years  ..,

I would say readers or the people would appreciate your honest answers / opinions .No one is asking for a  research report on building a dam or nuclear power plant .
If you keep on stressing only   a professional design can make a good house and not really helping in your reply , it shows that you  are not thinking from a middle class person’s  side
but these replies shows you are just trying to mint money on design , plan etc..

My reply

This Anonymous writer is very much disturbed by the prospect of me minting money by replying to queries here.So far I have not got even a single paisa as remuneration for replying to queries here.

In our state of Kerala more than 95% of houses are still built by non professional contractors without availing professional services in design and construction of house.I doubt whether even 5% avail professional services.Such a practice cause lots of wastage of money which I am personally seeing during my consultation visits.

People avoid getting professional services in design of house thinking that availing services of any one who can draw a plan of house that too with very little fees will be the most ideal way of reducing cost of construction!

After completion of structure of such houses,several people call me to suggest what can be done to increase utility of spaces and avoid wastage of spaces where it is of no use.But at that late stage I or anybody cannot do much to improve the wasteful work done on the building with huge loss of money.

Owner of the house who could not understand defects in plan of the house in the initial stages,is now able to understand where and what has gone wrong.But it will be too late to do anything

No one is going to loose anything by availing qualified experienced professional services in design and construction of a house.Amount of fees to be paid to a professional will be negligible when compared to cost saving and better facility for each built up area of the house.

Knowledge in latest architecture,Structural Engineering,Vasthu aspects and wealth of knowledge obtained by designing and building hundreds of houses can definitely make a lot of difference to your house design and construction.You need the assistance of the expert not only for the plan stage but from beginning to end for each and every aspect of building construction.

Non professional contractor who may talk nicely and advice you against availing professional services is interested only in maximising his profit and in the process he do not know or care the least about quality of construction and structural stability of your building.You need an expert to make him do the construction with quality and structural stability

Purchasing Teakwood.

Jerry George has left a new comment on your post "Teak wood-use in Kerala house construction":

That was a great piece of information Mr. Thomas. Where can we get good quality teak around Ernakulum? Can we take part in auction conducted by forest department?

My reply

If you are planning to buy teak wood for your house construction,you may not require that much quantity of wood to go through the process of taking part in government auction from forest depots.You can buy teak wood from those who take part in auctions.

Basically you have to understand that there are several varieties of teak wood.Hence you need professional guidance even during purchase of wood for your building .Your Architect can be the right person to guide you on this

What all services we give?


Anonymous   has left a new comment on your post "#Kerala House Construction-Replies to your queries...":

i have a plot in Mavelikara where i want to make a budget house , how low can this cost be . a hall , sit out bedroom and small kitchen  please reply .
please reply do u renovate house ? and do interior design ? and modification

My Reply

We undertake every type of work related to a building right from land purchase assistance to landscaping of building surroundings.Details of what we do is explained in our websites!/ThomasViruvelil

For more details write to me

Interlocking bricks



My name is Jibin Thomas. I am planning to built a home in cost effective way.
Please share your advice regarding interlocking bricks (not the concrete one. Is building home with interlocking bricks is safe just like building the conventional way?
Request you to provide the contact detail of any contractors in or near cochin who deals with interlocking bricks.

Thanks and Regards
Jibin Thomas

My reply

Just like any other building material interlocking bricks also has got advantages and disadvantages.When you go for non conventional building material and building methods,you will need expert workers well versed in such type of construction.

Your house construction starts with getting the most appropriate design for the house.That is the most critical area of construction of house.First start working on that.Your Architect will advise you on building materials suited to your place and budget

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