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Free Consultation,20/7/2012



Dear Sir,
Recently I found your blog while I was searching for 'Kerala architecture' in Google. I am a civil engineer working at NTPC  who is interested in learning about Vasthu and architecture. Your site provided me very helpful insights about what I wanted to know. Do you also take classes on these topics along with consultation. Or do you have a book or course material for students interested in learning the above mentioned subjects?

Thank you for the blog again.


My reply

Thank you for your appreciation.My following blog is an attempt to write down all that a lay man need to know on house design and construction.

Before I could proceed much on the blog,I started getting continuous queries from people in different location on house design and construction.Even though I am not able to reply to all those queries due to lack of time,I reply to few of the queries through these replies.While replying to such queries I give detailed information on the topic covered in simple non technical language so that an ordinary person can understand better on house design and construction

I am giving training to fresh Architects/Engineers showing professional dedication by allowing them to follow me on my daily work in and out of office.I do not mind giving such training to even those with experience.But the person should be genuinely interested in pursuing a professional career.

Those interested can write to me with their educational,professional experience details to

Here again I may not be able to  accommodate every request.Those who prove to be good enough during an interview with me can only be considered.

Cement Plastering cost



Can i know present cement plastering cost/sq.m(average) in Kerala?


My reply

There is no such standard fixed rate for any type of construction related work in Kerala.As the demand for construction labour and construction contract work is more than the available man power,naturally the customer will have to agree to even unreasonable demands from labour or contractor.

In addition  cost of material involved also goes up without any pattern possibly due to economic situation in the macro environment.

Construction in one cent land


Dear Sir,

I have 1 cent land on a Panchayat road of 7 M wide.  I would like to construct a shop there.  Can you please give me specific idea of how much space to leave on each side.


My reply

For  land area less than 3 cents there are concessions in clearance space to be left in four sides of the building

But it will be better if you contact town planning department of the concerned local authority with your land particulars like Survey No and check up the applicable clearances and feasibility of construction in the land concerned

Four Bed room house with prefixed square feet area


Abdul has left a new comment on your post "Free Consultation,19/7/12,second":

i have 9cent plot. we think built 4bhk house in 4cents area. 2bedroom with attached bath room, kitchen,work area dining, living sit out in ground floor. first floor 2bed room with attached bath room. but total area below 1700sq.ft.what about your opinion.

My reply

Square feet plinth area of a house to be built can be known only after a professionally trained person prepares plan of the house using AutoCAD software which can correctly measure the area involved.

Plinth area depends upon your requirements for the house,budget and technical feasibility.Just by wishing a prefixed plinth area without compromising on need for house,you cannot have plinth area which you fixed before even preparing a plan to suit to your needs

Again lot of people have a mistaken notion that cost of construction solely depends on plinth area.It is not so.At best it can be one of the many factors contributing to the cost

Quote competent rates to get work


Dear Thomas sir,
                        I am Savya from  Bangalore. I have 8 cents of property  where me and my husband want to build our home. I read you blogs and website and I knew that you don’t give square feet rate for construction. But I need an estimate signed by an engineer for applying to a bank loan for my house. If you don’t give square feet rate how much do you charge for the first expenses? I need a plan signed by an engineer to submit to Panchayath office to get building permit..I want your office to take on construction of our home if you give me reasonable price for first expenses to get building permit and bank loan sanction. Please quote me the fees you charge for all the drawings for building permit and estimate for bank loan.
My reply

With my experience in building more than 200 houses in different parts of Kerala directly and acting as consultant for many more building construction,I can tell you the following after careful study;

1.If there are hundred contractors each of these hundred contractors do construction in their own way

2.None of these non professional contractors with practically no scientific knowledge in design and construction of house obtain professional assistance on architectural,structural or Vasthu aspects of building construction

3.None of the contractors complete construction of building in originally quoted “square feet cost”.They get revised rates from you as the work progresses and obtain extras for each and every item of construction as even with your limited knowledge in construction matters you will find methods and materials used by contractor unacceptable.Finally when the work gets completed neither you nor the contractor will even remember the originally agreed'”square feet rate”

4.”Square feet cost” quoted originally turns out be a simple lie to get your work.After the work starts,contractor knows very well how to get revisions and extras from you

5.After the work gets completed contractor gives an exaggerated square feet plinth area of the construction which you will be forced to accept

6.All Architects/Engineers or those who prepare plan and Estimate for house are not equally qualified and experienced and hence you cannot compare the rates or fees charged by one with that of another.Any one who has studied to draw an Auto CAD drawing can draw a plan.But the expertise obtained through qualifications and experience can get you a better design which will not only save your lakhs of rupees but also provide you better facilities in the house at lesser cost.

7.You will not be able to understand defects in plan of the house just by looking at those drawings.But you will definitely understand defects,problems ,wastage of space,inadequate space in certain areas only after the building is completed.Then it will be too late to do anything and most probably in your life time you will not build another house to correct your mistakes committed while building the first house.

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