Monday, July 4, 2011

House Construction-Queries




I am Mr Vijay Chacko and owns a small plot around Cherai beach (about 6cents)

I am thinking of constructing a small house on it may be about 1600sq feet.

So needed the help of an architect who can guide me with the process

in terms of making an ecofriendly  and cost effective place.As i got your mail id from the net and went through your other projects thought

ill check whether you can help me with it Do revert back

Vijay Chacko

My reply

It is exactly for helping people like you,we are in business.You will have to write in detail about what all you hope to have in the house including your wildest dreams for the house

Our job is to convert your dreams in to reality while trying to keep cost of construction to the essential level.In short we want to give you the best at least cost without wasting any built up space ,providing maximum space utilisation

I will have to first visit site to study site conditions,then discuss in detail with you about your needs for the house and then proceed systematically advising you on every step of construction and design of the house



I am negotiating on a site near Calicut Beach at Kerala around 100 * 100 i.e 24 cents and looking to construct flats on that
Do i have to create a construction company for that or can i do it in my proprietor concern
what else papers we need in Kerala
how many FSI or Floor area can be constructed and at what cost approx. with the best of facility and all modern amenities like 2 lifts landscape fire safety sewage treatment paper works getting plan approval etc..
please guide and send me details on further discussions

My reply

About starting a construction company or accounting it in your proprietary concern are matters to be decided by you in consultation with your lawyer and Chartered accountant.But with my limited knowledge I can tell that it will be better to have at least a private limited company formed for construction related business as it will limit your liabilities which the company may make while operating construction activities

For proceeding on design and construction,I will mail you details

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