Monday, June 8, 2015

Kerala: How to plan building your house

What I have observed is that those who plan to construct a house in Kerala start making enquiries about “square feet cost of construction” to those whom they meet in their daily life. Based on feedback he receives he fix up square feet area of the house without compromising on his requirements. It seems he think his requirements of house can be met with square feet plinth area he fixed .Then he start looking for a contractor who offers lowest “square feet cost”

What about plan of the house? He will draw one as per his ideas and will show it to the contractor. “I want plan of my house like this” Contractor nods his head and give it to someone who can draw a plan and who will not charge much as house owner will not pay for the plan

What about Elevation? Contractor will tell owner of house that he will get him a good elevation. If he is not convinced with that promise, He will tell him to contact an Architect with the plan of the house. Common thinking is that Architect is only for giving a better Elevation for your plan of the house.

What happens to ‘square feet rate”? As building work progresses, owner will get hundreds of free suggestions and advises from relatives, friends and any one he come across in his daily life. Naturally he will ask the contractor for such changes and contractor with a smile will ask for extra charges. As the work progresses, he will learn and understand more about house construction and will start noticing defects in plan of house and everything which he has not noticed earlier. Finally he will be struggling with his funds to finish the work and contractor will go on demanding extras. When the construction finally completes, both owner and contractor might have forgotten original quoted “square feet rate”

Is this the way your major investment in life using major portion of your savings in life will have to be done?

Definitely, NO. Taking assistance of professionals with knowledge and experience is not going to cost more as contractors go on telling you to save their business and get them more profit. Professional assistance will get you better facilities in house at lesser cost.

To start with, discuss with your family members what they hope to have in their future house. Make up a wish list and meet a professional and discuss with him about your plan to build a house.Be frank with him about how much money you can mobilise with own sources and through bank finance.

You cannot draw plan of the house. It requires not only professional training but also wealth of experience in designing and building houses. In any case you will have to spend several lakhs in building your house. Why should you be reluctant to spend few thousands to get professional design for your house which will get you better facilities and can save you lakhs in construction cost?

A good Architectural plan, proper structural engineering for the building parts, right materials, construction work under close professional supervision all these are essential to save your money and to get you a better house. Do not leave everything to a nonprofessional contractor

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