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What we can do for you for House design,Construction

Ours is a professionally managed Engineering organisation based at Cochin handling Architecture, Construction, Industrial Marketing, Real estate assistance, Engineering and Management Consultancy

For making your dream house a reality we can do following for you

1. Assistance in land purchase

We can arrange technical and legal evaluation of property with site visit by technical expert, verifying property documents by documentation experts and lawyers and also arranging property registration formalities with expertise and professional services. Land and House purchase loan can be arranged through M/s HDFC Limited

2. House design

In the present situation, where cost of all inputs used for House construction going up every day, cost control and obtaining maximum utility for money spent can be achieved only by house design by experienced expert building professional. With over 200 houses built directly by us in different parts of Kerala and many more buildings designed, we have expertise and experience which you may not find elsewhere

3. House Construction

In Kerala, people look for a contractor who offers lowest “square feet cost”. Each house will cost differently depending upon design; work involved material used, site conditions etc. and there cannot be a common “square feet cost of Construction”

Each contractor build as per his choice of materials, labour and most of them do not even know about Architecture or Structural Engineering. There can be common rates for construction only if all contractors follow same specifications, and Engineering standards which never happen. Unless you have an expert experienced building professional to provide technical drawings and construction is monitored on a daily basis you cannot ensure that a contractor looking for profit will do a quality work satisfying engineering standards

We offer professional quality work with latest technology and trends using expert workers closely monitored by Architects and Engineers

4. Vasthu Consultancy and Vasthu compliance for House Design

We follow Vasthu Sasthra while designing house for you thereby ensuring peace and prosperity during your stay in the house. We can also visit your house under construction and existing house to check on Vasthu aspects and to suggest suitable changes in building to ensure Vasthu compliance

5. After structure work and checking of work done

We can take up any work related to construction from beginning to end. Even in case where you already working with another contractor, we can visit site, check on work already done and advise on future works

It will be better to have our expert services for after structure works like Plumbing, Electrical, painting, flooring and Interior wood work even in cases where you have opted for a contractor for structural work

We can also act as Consultants giving detailed execution drawings and periodic site visits

6. Remodeling of existing house

In many cases your existing house can be remodeled and renovated with our guidance and involvement. We have done several such remodeling works in different parts of Kerala using our expert workers

7. Interior wood work and Furniture

We have fully equipped manufacturing facility at Cochin for taking up Interior wood work like Modular Kitchen, cupboards etc. All goodness of traditional Kerala Architecture including hand carving of wood can be done with modern technology inputs

8. Starting with House Design

House design starts preferably with a Site visit by our Architect to study site conditions and your needs for house. After Site visit, Basic Plan which is the most important design part of House Construction can be taken up. If you are far off from Cochin, you can forward plot dimensions of all four sides with directions indicated along with position of roads nearby to start working on Basic Plan.

Are you interested in walking with us to convert your dream house in to a reality with best technology inputs and lowest cost possible with better facilities?

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Building rules


I am having 4.7 cent land (24 meter length & 8 meter width) in Trivandrum corporation area, its having 3 side tar road, but this road is for the house owners only and its dead ends there, and not connected to any road, What are the things to be consider for building a home, please advise.


Hello I have 5 cent property which has a road in the front and the same road goes through right side of the property. Ho much space I need provide in front .rear and sides


HI SIR, i would like to know the setback at the front portion,where the road comes if we are designing a residence in a plot with 1.5 cent of area.Only 1 meter is sufficient?

My reply

Plot having roads in all three sides will have constraints in building a house.Even if roads are not too long,you may have to leave 2M on all three sides minimum and possibly 3M for the front side.Exact implications of Kerala Building Rules for this plot can be ascertained from nearest local administration office after providing them specific plot details


Can you  tell me the statutory distance to be kept for construction of a retaining wall in my compound near to my neighbours WALL for earth filling. give info about the rule and clause...i heard that a minimum of 30cm has to be kept between walls for flow of rain water help very urgent!!!!!

My reply

I am not aware of a rule which states that clearance space required for constructing your compound wall from compound wall of nearby plot


I have constructed a house through Real Estate co. house after obtaining one day permit. Now I have to approach the corporation for completion/occupation certificate they same construction is within 30 mtrs. from Railway property. Whether the corporation can raise this objection after issuing a permit earlier. Secondly, whether this 30 mtrs limit is from railway line or railway boundary,


i own a 3cent plot in Maradu. one side of the plot is service road. how much space should i leave for building a 1000sq.ft house


We have land at Kannur , which is near to Railway Track . Is it possible to get permit to build house on land near to a rail track . Also the road belongs to railways

My reply

Check up with concerned local authority office with all documents related

Construction cost


I would like to build a small house about 700 - 800 square feet. I live in Thrissur.
My budget is 10 lakhs. Is this possible. I already have the land

My reply

Cost of construction of a house goes up every day as it involves hundreds of material and different type of labour cost of which goes up every day

Only method available for reducing construction cost in present scenario is not by going to a contractor who offers lowest “square feet cost”

You have to get services of an experienced talented expert in designing house who can get you the best possible with the money you have to spend for house construction.If you are interested in our services,write to


or call me on 9388701702 or 9388701700

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