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An Architect is not some one who has simply gone through five year course in an Engineering College and passed those exams.That will not make a person an Architect.It can only train a person on tools used by an Architect to express his creative inputs.
An Architect need creative capability and capability to dream just like a poet.He should have capability to observe from earth and create forms to enhance beauty and comforts of nature.
An Architect takes up work which God has left undone,of course in a very small extent.Architect take inspiration from nature.So the architectural creation will have to be in synchronisation with nature and surroundings around it
An Architect will have to be a dreamer and should be capable of thinking, dreaming in a different manner to create something new which fascinates others and enhances utility of space given to the Architect to design.

Each new work bring new challenges before the Architect.He learns continuously with each new work and with experience,his ability to give you a better design,better work improves.He is never shy or afraid to question what was done regularly for years by others and his quest for new skies bring new dimensions to architectural work.Continuous dreaming.learning,observation make him a better professional



Hi Thomas,

My father has consulted an architect in Ranni,  he is drawing a plan for us. Do you consider having a look at the plan once we get it? Obviously I will pay for it. I would appreciate if you would give some suggestions on it.


My reply

Dear Mr. Gigi

Plan is the most important and critical document for a house to be built.A better plan can give you better facilities,less wastage of space and it can save lakhs of your money.

Any one who can draw with Auto CAD can draw a plan.But the most appropriate plan can be designed only by an experienced qualified professional.Few thousands you may save by not availing his services can make you loose  lakhs of your money and no one can correct the mistakes and wastage of space after completion of structure of building by which time even you will start noticing defects in the plan which you might have got free or for a song.

Vasthu defects

1.Master Bed room at South East harmful to those who use the room

2.Kitchen at South West harmful

3.Kitchen cooking to face East

4.Toilet at South west corner harmful

Architectural defects

1.Living room size not indicated.But insufficient

2.Stair climbing at one stretch not good.Stair arrangement not properly drawn

3.Dining space not having adequate ventilation and lighting .Wastage of space

4.Toilet width of 150 insufficient

5.Sit out too long.Wastage of space

Plan will have to be totally revised by some one who has better knowledge in Architecture ,Structural Engineering and Vasthu

It will be mere wastage of money if you build a house with this plan

Construction using interlock bricks


Dear Sir,

I am Abraham Thomas from  Kottarakara, sir I have single store building of 1300 square feet  made with ordinary bricks. I wish to construct on the first floor with two bedrooms with attached bathroom and a hall. Can I use interlock brick for making first floor rooms that  I mention above. you know any contractor doing this job in Kollam. I am waiting for your suggestion.

My reply

Basically you should attempt to do first floor of your building construction only after availing professional assistance in design and construction.He will advise you on most appropriate materials to be used.

There is nothing wrong with interlock bricks.Quality of product and proper workmanship will have to be ensured for obtaining better results,

I do not recommend any particular contractor for any type of work.Here again your professional consultant for the work can help you locate and assess capability of the contractor

Concrete slab Thickness


Dear Thomas,

Can you please suggest whether it is advisable to have different slab thickness for each room (based on the room span) for a first floor slab. I have seen your postings on Kerala life-

In fact i am a mechanical engineer. I am well aware of the slab/ beam/ column design (IS 456/ BS 8110). The intention behind my query was that as you know based on the room span, the slab reinforcement thickness may vary and is it advisable to maintain uniform thickness (based on severe span and loading) or keep different (cost effective). Appreciate if you can provide reply.


My reply

Without studying your building plan and load conditions I cannot give a general reply.

Let the Engineer handling the design and supervision of the building decide on the matter

House design and construction is an Engineering work

Qualified and experienced professionals will have to design the house and provide detailed drawings ,design details and instructions at every stage of construction

Slab thickness can  be decided only after studying the concerned drawings by a professional

Hoping to buy a house in and around Cochin


Hello Sir,

I came across your website in a Google search.

I am an NRI with a monthly income of 1.5 lakhs,

I was brought up in Mumbai and wish to buy a home there but it is above my budget for now.

I would like to buy a house in cochin area.

I believe that you are the best person to advise me.

Please suggest!!

Warm Regards,


My reply

Our company can assist you in locating land meeting your budget and requirements.We can arrange  technical ,Vasthu and legal evaluation of the property to check whether the land purchase is safe and good.

We can also arrange professional assistance for registration formalities and related documentation and follow up

After this our company can assist you in design and construction of your dream house from concept to finish with professional care and guidance

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