Monday, May 17, 2010

Converting your hopes into reality and giving you more


When you think of building your house, naturally you will list out what all you would like to have in the house. This needs and hopes for the house can be classified into three categories

1. Essentials

2. Would like to have

3. Can hope to have

Items in 2 and 3 categories can be realised if your wishes can get supported by funds. You may have following options for funds.

1. Funds readily available with you

2. Funds that can be generated in one or two years’ time, during the progress of construction work

3. Funds that can be generated through relatives and friends

4. Funds from financial institutions

Whatever may be the estimated expenses indicated by your consultant or contractor you will have to consider at least 25% higher while planning funds for the construction as cost of construction can only go up during the one year or more period it may take to construct the house.

An experienced Architect with lots of common sense and creative capability can design for you a lot more features and facilities for the house than what you need and hope within your budget limitations if any. If you go to simply someone who can draw a plan of the house for you, you will of course get a Plan of the house for a pittance. But you will not get what you can get from a good Architect. Few thousands of rupees a good Architect may charge you will save you not only lakhs of rupees but will get you a house you can be proud of and a house which your children will not demolish after your death as the house will be too good to demolish.


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