Friday, March 19, 2010

Is Vasthu owned by few persons?

I keep getting suggestions from many of my clients that they think Vasthu is something which Kanippayur or some other person says.If Vasthu has got any scientific basis,just like any other science like Architecture or Engineering,it is not owned by any particular person or persons.Whatever a particular person says does not become Vasthu features or requirements.
There are books available on Vasthu detailing clearly why and how a particular arrangement will be beneficial or harmful to persons living in the house.If Kanippayur says something contrary to these accepted and proven facts of Vasthu it can only be wrong.
If as an Engineer I start telling that whatever I say is only correct Engineering,then everybody will undoubtedly say that something is wrong with me. On matters of Engineering I have to substantiate and prove  that whatever I say is correct.Similarly whoever claims to talk as authority on Vasthu has to substantiate and prove his suggestions and recommendations.
These people who claim to be sole authority on Vasthu  always insist on preparing a revised plan(Of course with charges) even when anyone prepare a plan satisfying all Vasthu factors.If they say that everything is right, how can they charge customer for revised drawing?
Such blind belief in certain people going to the extent of saying whatever a particular person says only is Vasthu can only be termed as superstition

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